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Kézműves oktatás a Kaláka Kör keretein belül: vesszőfonó és szövő. Érdeklődni az Artera Alapítványnál.

The Artera Foundation
 The Artera Foundation is an organization aiming to offer legal background for popularizing and keeping alive the traditional material and spiritual resources of the region being on the way of dying out by promoting and converting the folk tradition of Sekler Land and the whole Transilvania into living haritage, organizing Festivals and Fairs and at last but not least detecting young and talented artists. From 2005 our Foundation is member of the Society of Folk Associations, Hungary.

In Artera's opinion tradition should be part of the contemporary cultural, social and economic life in such way that it keeps part of its old vitality.

The Foundation won the first prize in Romania and second prize in Europa for its Living Heritage programme called  Miraculum 2004 – revitalizing of the community supported by the consortion formed from King Baudouin Foundation – Belgium, Partership Foundation from Miercurea Ciuc, and Found for Development of the Charpatian Euroregion through the Live Heritage programme This project was hold in the village Satu Mare  during the year 2004.

 We  took part in the RomaNet Programme  grant set out by the Carpathian Foundation. The aim of this programme was to help the cooperation between Roma organizations inside and outside our borders in the Charpatian Euroregion. We taught roma children how to make traditional handicraft objects, organized folk dance meetings and made different cultural programmes. The main cause of the starting this programme was the fact that the roma organizations in this region hardly know each other. This programme was a full year event.   The Festival of Folk Arts is the main programme organized by our Foundation. It is put on yearly in summertime, on the 3rd weekend of July. The governing event of the Festival is the craftsmen’s expo and open-air market where the visitor can see to the end the whole process of creating a new object. The festival is not only about region (Secler Land, Partium, the whole Transilvania, Hunagria, Slovakia) diversification but ethnic diversification too: hungarians, romanians, saxons, gypsies and other ethnicities. One of the most imporant tasks of the Foundation is to seek out for the last representatives of the traditional Transilvanian crafts. In the rest of the year the Artera  Crafts House organizes courses to teach young disciples and to widen popular artists’ view of hidden local traditional values.   Our craftmans are worthy representatives of the transilvanian values on every romanian or international trade. The Touring Craftsmen’s Market creates us the possibility to popularize our traditional values in even wider areas through our country and outside its borders.  Two important calendaristic holiday turns into a remarkable traditional festival: in winter Our Merry Christmas and Fairy Eggs in spring. The Foundation founds very important to make the children acquainted with the old popular professions, habits and rituals. Wonderworld at Máréfalva lasts for one week and it is a good chance for parents and children to cultivate their sense of beauty, handiness, self-confidence and to show them an example how they can learn while playing and play while learning. The Magic Pencil gives them the opportunity to get acquainted with tales of different countries and nationalities. They can try writing tales themselves. Promoting theatric plays is the other main activity of the Foundation. The frame of the Festive Days of Odorhei year by year we organize the Acting is Craft - Stage is an Art, the competition of young actors and actresses starting on their career. It is a golden opportunity to concentrate their talent in a 5 minutes solo in front of aenthusiastic audience and an international jury consisting of famous theatrical experts. The Miracle of Satu Mare is an outdoor theatric performed by the Satu Mare’s inhabitants and directed by professional and international recognized theatric people. It is a performance wich looks to enlarge the amateur theatral acting’s possibillity. The performance is about the székely people’s history and tradition, about székely culture wich lives in our days to. The Foundation organizes studies and lectures on traditional handicraft culture. We give theoretical lessons and practical guidance, too. According to this aim we set out proposals and plans containing educational and informative programmes. Beside our yearly programmes our members can hold lessons on every traditional profession if needed.  Last year the main project performed by our foundation was the recertification of unemployed people called Unemployed People of Today – Handicraft entrepreneurs of tomorrow and supported by the PHARE.Teaching unemployed participants acknowledge a handicraft profession. These professions were various from furniture painting to wood carving. At present many of them started their own company and make their living from the profession they have learned.      The Foundation founded a paper, MESter, wich is a festival-paper at the Festival of Folk Art so far, but we would like to extend it for a quoter years appearince.  Our new office, The Artera House stays all year round with open doors to the interested public and this is the place where we organize folk art exchibitions and craft demonstrations and teaching.  The Foundation tryes to introduce a special form of tourism - as alternate tourism, root tourism – which  gives occasion for the Hungarians living in foreign countries and for visitors wanting to explore the Transilvanian area to get acquainted with the traditional values and popular art of this region.  The Artera Foundation’s activity year by year gets larger extended. In our near future plans we include: art echibitions, folk art courses, young talent-scout, establishing workshops and youth houses, publishing seasonal newspaper.  





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